Looking for quality products at a very competitive price in China?

COLNOR Ltd could fulfil your needs

We will assist you from product sourcing to the final goods forwarding?

  • Sourcing the products
  • Quotation /price negotiation
  • Organising Samples
We will take personal care in every step, plus all the e-documentation processing to ensure a fast and reliable response. We will make you feel like doing business in China is just like at home - no culture and language barrier.
  • Negotiate contract terms
  • Up to 120 Days credit for all goods !!
  • Placing the order
  • Receive and sell the goods before paying for them
  • Quality control / inspection
  • Best containerisation and goods forwarding




COLNOR Ltd - Your Link from China to Europe


COLNOR Ltd links buying forces in the UK & Europe who are interested in purchasing in China.






At COLNOR Ltd, our experienced staff will assist you with:-

  • Product revisions
    To assist in modifying the product if necessary for better containerisation and cost effectiveness ;
  • Quality and Design issue
    To ensure that the quality and design features of the product have matched the European standards or styles
  • Finding the right manufacturer
    To place your products with the correct manufacturer/s who will accept the product, enhance the product if required for containerisation and shipping purposes, modify the design for volume production if required, produce prototypes for inspection and provide suggestions for future innovations based on the original design
  • To assist in establishing a good buyer-supplier long-term relationship.
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